New Sailor Moon Anime's Producer: Not Remaking 1st Anime



ooh man this could lead to so many interesting things!! :D


I woke up to a slew of new notes on my Doctor Who post which was awesome!  It’s snowing gently here and the children are playing happily with their new toys and the parents have gone back to bed and Im relaxing here on the couch nibbling at my giant Toblerone bar and generally feeling incredibly content and greatful. No matter what your celebrating this holiday I hope you are surrounded by family and love and good will. And if you’re having a hard time just remember; this too shall pass. Feel free to drop me a note if you need some positivity. I love you all -xxx


essentially, if i want something done i make it happen

Working on a new Sailor Moon print for this RIGHT NOW!!


essentially, if i want something done i make it happen

Working on a new Sailor Moon print for this RIGHT NOW!!


It’s that time of night (morning) where I find everything too hilarious not to reblog so I better head to bed.

Just as a side note.  Finally broke out the new Intuos three that my best bud gave to me (SHE GAVE IT TO ME…FOR NOTHING…BUT MY FRIENDSHIP…That’s how awesome she is.)  I gotta say, I am happier than a pig in POO.

So, expect lots of doodlies and fanart from me in the near future.  I also have a major hush hush webcomic project on the go but I want to have a bunch of stuff finished before I start posting about it.

Oh and I’m heading to my Dad’s for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and visit with my bestest longest time friend (although she hasn’t given me a Tablet…yet.) and be happy and eat cake.  So I won’t be around much over the weekend.

My actual birthday is on Monday… perhaps I’ll schedule a livebirthdaystream full of rediculous doodles and birthday FUN!  YAY!

Ok  night y’all!  See ya on the other side of 30 :D


So I called the computer repair people on Tuesday to check on my laptop and when they thought they would have it back to me and they said they were waiting on a part from HP and it wouldn’t arrive until the 19th and I silently cried and figured I wouldn’t see my laptop for another week and a half and then today there was a loud knock at the door and it was the delivery guy with my laptop! :D :D :D


In other news my family is taking me out for dinner tonight because it’s Mother’s Day in the UK on Sunday (ha I get two mothers day this year because the Canadian one is in May! XD) So we’re going to Adesso’s my favourite Italian restaurant in Irvine and I just don’t think today could get much better! :D

OMG Tumblr I’ve missed you so much, do you think it’s possible for me to catch up on a week of tumbling or should I just cut my losses and start fresh…hmm….


I just checked and I have 21 followers..?  Who are you guys?  

I <3 you :D

Feel free to type something in my ask!  I’m lovin’ this tumblr thing! Yay!